Tech Strategy & Development Services

Long-term scalable development, strategy and support for your infrastructure and web needs. BOTSLY builds solutions and HIGHLY scalable platforms capable of supporting any small business up to multi million per month traffic sites and applications with grace. Our retainers let you hire our team and allocate monthly activities aimed at capitalizing on technology and supercharging your business.

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Strategy & Execution

Leverage our experience for your business


From open source, pre-built solutions to hand coded platforms, we pride ourselves in using the right tool for the job.


We hone in on your needs and implement proven technologies to super charge your business

Quality Assurance Testing

Our extensive QA offering encompasses everything from end to end testing to performance and automation

Managed Services

Managed services arrangements allow us to support our clients when they need us


Our process to perfection

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QA Test

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Honest & Humble

We are human beings with a higher purpose and grateful for the impact we make.

Scrum Agile Driven

We are continuous improvement, feedback driven & iterative.

Win-Win Contracts

We won't accept work unless the contract benefits everyone.

Here For You

The botsly team is always here for our clients.

  • Let us establish and maintain your digital footprint

    Hand crafted web services

    Today having a website is important but now consumers expect more from their favorite brands. We recommend a mobile optimized fully responsive website as a great way to build your brand reputation.

  • Let us handle your digital dirty work so you can focus on your business

    Free yo mind and your ass will follow

    Our managed services team can tackle those daily and weekly distractions that tend to pop up on a regular basis so that you can focus more on running and growing your business.

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