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Hiring Professional Domain Web Services

Building websites has become a growing industry worth over $20 billion

This industry is very much broken up into groups of professionals and amateurs. Domain web services are typically broken up into two groups, designers, and developers.

Designers typically specialize in design and relay their expertise to the developers who code and architect the visual design.  

The amateurs are generally comprised of the folks that do it themselves. These are the business owners and others that decide to use WIX and Squarespace and others to click and build their way to mediocrity.

Then you have the professionals that generally either code from scratch, use frameworks and code and or use WordPress or other platforms to design and develop scalable websites. 

 DIY at a more cost

Unfortunately, the odds are not the in the amateur’s favor.

Only 2% succeed when going it alone and 98% fail without help from a professional.

You wouldn’t build your own storefront without TONS of prior experience or professional help, would you?  

The biggest flaw in the industry for building a professional website is the dependency between the designers and the developers. The developers depend on the designers to manually convert their designs, graphics and ideas into code.

Likewise, the developers would have no awesome designs and design expertise to leverage when time to code.

This is why it is imperative to hire a firm that either has great communication between these two parties or has hired folks that can manage designing and developing.

Where does the design budget get spent?

When it comes to the design 70% goes to manual coding while generally only about 30% goes to design.  

This is really something to consider. If you want to see value for your dollar considering for every $100 you spend only $30 typically goes to design is a little scary for some business owners.  

This is NOT the case for bots.ly! At botsl.y we do not write code for codes sake. We use the right tools for the job without building every tool along the way.

Using proven strategies, we can bring down the development cost of your website so that we can focus on incredible designs.  

Don’t hire someone that is going to build another wheel

Let’s face it, most of the web can be built from open source resources or code that is already written and readily available.

At bots.ly we know better, over 20% of the web is powered by WordPress and there is a good reason for that. It works for almost every need you could want. but that comes with a price. WordPress is very much a “bolt on” platform that comes with bulk and quickly gets very bulky quickly.

What does that mean for your website? If it is not built properly and efficiently then it can take FOREVER to load.

Load times are a bigger and bigger factor now

One second could cost Amazon $1.6 Billion for example. Case studies have proven mobile pages that load 1 second faster experience up to 27% increase in conversion rate.

When shopping for a WordPress developer business owners want to make sure they get someone that is either specialized to their industry (ie. mobile web E-commerce) or with enough experience to build an optimized website for your particular needs.