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Social Selling: Start In Less Than 5 Minutes (Video)

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Social Selling In Less Than 5 Minutes: (Transcript)

Good afternoon today we are going to discuss social selling strategies using a tool called Awario.

This video is focused around social selling and how you can get started in 5 minutes or less. The concepts from this video are transferable to just about any tool but I’ll demonstrate using Awario so if you already have an account that's fantastic!

If not you can click the link in this video to get started and feel free to join as a subscriber I'll send you a white-glove discount for the monthly or yearly service of your choosing. Just let me know which service you want and I’ll send a discount just for you.

They do not offer free trials and that's why I’m showing a few different videos of how to get started. I am a preferred partner that's why can offer a discount luckily the smallest plan starts at just $30 monthly and you also get yearly discounts right now.

Fill in the details below to subscribe and let me know if you want a discount on Awario

Jumping into the tool!

First I'll log in and create a project. That's the first thing that happens as soon as you create an account you will notice the fields here are brand names so that's for your brand name product description and competitor I'll go ahead and have these pre filled out if we're using Asics as an example this is Asics as our brand name we have the product description so we have “Shoes” Running Shoes” and “Workout Shoes”.

Here are a few different competitors Nike, New Balance and Adidas so based on the details here, Awario will search for mentions of my brand competitors and then will generate sales opportunities for that business.

If I create the project you'll see there are mention alerts for your brand which would be Asics here and you can jump into those directly. You also have mention alerts for your competitors like Adidas and New Balance there's also a lead section that uses a combination of your services and your competitors to find targeted leads.

Social Selling

Best of all you can have all these emailed directly to your inbox

By clicking the gear icon see you can have email notification sent daily or weekly. Now I will get email notifications weekly with all of the leads. See there are already seventeen thousand leads for this example which is fantastic.

Very useful for any sales manager out there and as you can tell another 9 just popped up here this is working in real time and constantly scraping the internet in real time and it’s searching through all the main social media outlets Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and a lot of different news and blogs and the web in general.

Awario aggregates it at all here for you in this dashboard

Here's a dashboard of your brand you can specify by the particular mention for this one were using Asics so that would be your brand and you can see my dashboard that shows top influencers for your brand the region and then also mentions as we just discussed which is the same section as this if you were to click in this is where I would take you.

These are a few points using the powerful tool Awario and a few ways that you can get started social selling within 5 minutes thanks for watching!

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